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Get access to the best demonstrations of structural manipulation techniques thanks to our films

Our Videos: Our training materials available at home in USB or DVD sticks

All our videos are designed by subject matter experts with many years of teaching experience. The pictures are not simple demos, but the actual support material for the practical classes taught by their authors since 1982. An unmatched personal work tool. You can obtain these videos independently from the classes

The fundamental basis

On this USB key J-F Terramorsi describes in detail the fundamental bases, theoretical and technical, as well as the 11 main maneuvers

The spine and the pelvis

On this USB key J-F Terramorsi describes in detail all the techniques of the spine and pelvis

The extrelities

On this USB key J-F Terramorsi describes in detail all the techniques of the upper and lower limbs

3 USB key set

On these 3 USB keys J-F Terramorsi describes in detail all techniques, spine and limbs.


In these films, made in 1986, Alain Gehin shares with us his immense experience by repeating the entirety of his teaching on cranial manipulations. It is not a simple demonstration, but a highly didactic work.

Cranial Manipulation (3 DVDs)

On these 3 DVDs Alain Gehin describes in detail all cranial manipulations.

Who are our videos for?

Our videos are intended for health professionals and can under no circumstances substitute for a physiotherapist or osteopath training

Our skulls


21 piece molding of the same skull

Castings of all the bones of the same skull, made by hand in resin. These are not “injected” parts

Structural Osteopathy

With 30 years of teaching experience, Jean-François Terramorsi sets out all the fundamental, theoretical and technical bases that make the originality of his teaching.

Who are our skulls for?

Our skulls have been specially designed for learning cranial anatomy. They are mainly for students in osteopathy.

Who is this book for?

To all manual therapists, and mainly to osteopaths, whether professional or student.

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